Perspective Risk - video training course

Animated video training course for information security company, Perspective Risk.

Client: Perspective Risk


We were approached by leading information security company, Perspective Risk,  to devise and produce a series of animated videos that would form a comprehensive training course in data security for their wide-ranging clients.

With a large volume of technical content to convey, the first step was to compose scripts that would successfully distil the information down to something clear and comprehensive for a diverse, non-specialist audience.  Next, we devised storyboards to bring the scripts to life and  visually represent the content in an engaging way.   With the help of fantastic designer Justin Horne (Vinegartea Studio), we were ready to create over 30 minutes of animation – no mean feat!

We produced seven modules in total, combining motion graphics animations with specially-shot material.  The above video is one of these modules.