Let's Talk: Biobanking

Secondary schools’ biology teaching resource

Client: AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust


This short film – a fictitious scenario set in the year 2023 – is one of three featured on a DVD called ‘Let’s Talk: Biobanking’.  The DVD forms part of an educational resource for secondary school pupils aged 14 and upwards, for use in the Biology curriculum.  Our brief was to create videos that would stimulate group discussions in the classroom by highlighting the scientific and ethical issues that will arise in a future where genetic testing becomes routine.

To achieve this, we decided to use video in an imaginative and accessible way, with dramatic monologues shot in a futuristic, mock documentary style.  In this clip, an actor plays the role of Neil Ferguson, the Director of the Biobank, who talks about some of the ethical dilemmas he faces in his job every day.   The aim was to put pupils in the shoes of people facing difficult dilemmas and help them to consider how they would act in this situation.