Inside the Animal Mind - BBC Two

A three-part series for BBC Two produced by Heirloom’s MD Jacqueline Smith

Client: BBC Two


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an animal? Inside the Animal Mind is a unique three-part series that gives startling and revelatory answers.

Chris Packham explores the minds of animals, investigating their remarkable abilities – from blindfolded dolphins who can copy human actions using only their hearing, to elephants who can recognise one voice among hundreds, to a remarkable world first as a crow solves the most complicated puzzle ever presented to an animal.

Jacqueline Smith, Heirloom’s Managing Director, was engaged by the BBC as Series Producer for Inside the Animal Mind.  

In this clip belowwe see the crow solve an eight-stage puzzle, each step in the right order – the first time this had ever been observed.


"Compelling and filled with inspiring new perspectives"

TV Review, The Observer