Game, Net & Match - A Commonwealth Journey

This one-hour observational documentary was Heirloom’s first independent commission for BBC Scotland.

Client: BBC Scotland


Game, Net and Match is a documentary following the dramatic story of the Scottish Netball team as they prepare for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014.  This amateur squad made up of policewomen and dentists, teachers and students, who play in their spare time, have to take the court against elite professional athletes from across the globe.  Over two years, we follow the stories of the girls who are fighting for a place in the Commonwealth team, and a sport fighting for its very future.  And we witness an extraordinary transformation – from despair to hope, from doubt to belief, and a team ready to take on the world and win.

Heirloom Media was commissioned by BBC Scotland to produce this film, which was broadcast on BBC 2 Scotland on July 6th 2014.

"Not to miss"

TV Preview, The Scotsman