Did Your Vote Count?

BAFTA-winning investigation into the 2007 Scottish Election fiasco.

Client: BBC Two Scotland


Did Your Vote Count?, produced by our MD Jacqueline Smith for BBC Scotland, won the BAFTA Scotland Award for Best News and Current Affairs Programme 2007.  The programme, with reporter Kenneth Macdonald,  investigated the events of May 3rd that year, when the Scottish parliamentary election was thrown into chaos by failures in the way the votes were counted.  140,000 ballot papers were rejected that night.  In some constituencies, the number of rejections was higher than the majority of the winning candidate.  In an election so close that the result depended upon the final count of the night, these were potentially game-changing numbers.  It was a national scandal.

The programme set out to discover what went wrong and whether it could have been avoided. It made startling revelations about changes to the voting papers, the counting process, and the role of returning officers, which raised fundamental questions about the conduct of this historic election.