Being & Becoming Chua Ek Kay arts documentary

Arts documentary for broadcast and for DVD and digital distribution.  Also shown as in-flight entertainment.

Client: Second Avenue Productions


Being & Becoming Chua Ek Kay is a documentary about the life of this ground-breaking and influential Chinese ink artist. Throughout his professional life, he challenged convention by using traditional Chinese ink, yet developing compositions which were clearly outside the conventions of this school of painting.  The film reveals not only a visual journey, but also the emotional conflicts behind this particular artist’s struggle. His exceptional story is told through his family, creative peers, artistic collaborators and close friends. The film offers exclusive and intimate insights into how and why the classically trained artist risked rejection to revolutionize the traditional Chinese ink art form in Singapore.

Being & Becoming Chua Ek Kay was produced by Heirloom Media for Second Avenue Productions, Singapore.  It was broadcast by SBC, as well as being distributed digitally and on DVD and screened as in-flight entertainment on Singapore Airlines.