Set design and build

We have extensive experience of design for theatrical performance and corporate events.  Our designers can work with you from concept through to delivery of bespoke set solutions.


Our team will use the latest computer software to model your stage.   This allows us to turn your ideas into a detailed design that captures your creative vision and is achievable within your budget.  The process will allow all stake holders in your production to be happy before the design is commissioned. In addition we can also supply drawings and measurements to your director to assist with rehearsals.


With our highly skilled carpenter we can commission bespoke joinery work, and undertake your set build.  Furthermore our installation team will then come to complete the construction at your venue.

[caption id="attachment_1128" align="alignnone" width="300"]Custom Conference Set This is an example of a custom designed and built set for a client for use in conference events.[/caption]

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