The production process

Whether you commission lots of video or are doing it for the first time, we like to keep things simple and transparent.  We begin with a free consultation to understand exactly what you need, before working through several phases of production:

Pre-production.  We may need to do some concept development, factual research or script-writing – and we’ll certainly need to plan the logistics of the shoot.

Production.  We’ll record all the footage that’s needed to make your film.  This will be far more than the duration of the final product, to ensure we have plenty of options for editing a film that’s rich in content and visual variety.

Post-production.  We’ll edit the footage, weaving it together with narration, music and graphics where appropriate, to create a film that powerfully conveys your message to your audience.  We’ll deliver it in whatever format you need, whether online or on hard storage media.

The money question

High-quality video isn’t cheap, but it’s almost always affordable.  We have a flexible, can-do approach and will find solutions within your budget.

We keep our overheads low, so the cost of a project simply comes down to time – how many hours or days of pre-production, filming, editing and graphics are required. Every member of our team can operate as a solo shoot-editor to keep costs down where resources are tight.

Once the budget is agreed, it’s agreed.  So long as your brief doesn’t change, nor will our price – there are no hidden extras or nasty surprises.