We have our own broadcast-standard HD digital video cameras, directional and radio microphones and versatile LED lights.  All our equipment is well-maintained and fully insured.  Our filming rates are inclusive of kit, so there are no hire charges from third parties, making us extremely cost effective.  Our team are highly skilled and experienced in location filming, so we can deploy anything from a solo operator to a multi-camera crew depending on the project and its budget.

Editing and Graphics

We edit in Final Cut Pro and produce graphics in After Effects.  As well as fixed suites, we also have mobile units that can be deployed on location for on-the-spot editing and graphics creation.   For event coverage, we can shoot, edit and have your film ready for screening before your audience goes home.

Data Storage

We can store your project in the longer term if you anticipate a need to update the film with new material at a later date, or draw upon the footage for future use.